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Froebel-kan Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1907 with the aim of researching, manufacturing, and selling childcare products, and the company has long been involved in early childhood education, childcare, and publishing. The company is named after the German pedagogue Friedrich Wilhelm Augst Froebel. His creations (known as “Gifts” and considered the origin of toy building blocks) have become our most well-known products as educational toys and materials that enable children to discover and learn how to play using their own abilities.

Our corporate philosophy is “We will contribute to society by creating abundant value with great knowledge and sensitivity that supports for bringing up sound and healthy children,” and we continue to provide attractive, safe, and secure products and services in order to contribute to the upbringing of children.

We currently engage in a broad range of businesses aimed at supporting the upbringing of children, including making proposals for childcare environments, planning and selling childcare products, publishing a monthly magazine, publishing childcare and children’s books, operating and producing childcare support facilities, and operating content distribution services.

Name Froebel-kan Co.,Ltd.
President & Representative Director Takaki Yoshikawa
Head Office 6-14-9, Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8611
Phone 03-5395-6600
(pilot number)
Date of establishment April 21, 1907
Founded November 27, 1920
(reorganized as a limited company)
Capital 50 million JPY
Number of employees 402
Shareholder TOPPAN Holdings Inc.
Subsidiary JULA Publishing Bureau Co.,Ltd.

Foreign rights

We sell copyrights for picture books and children's books of Froebel-kan.
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