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We will contribute to society by creating abundant value with great knowledge and sensitivity that supports bringing up sound and healthy children

We will

At Froebel-Kan, descriptions of our Corporate Philosophy, Management Principles, Action Agenda, and Areas of Operation all begin with "we." The hope behind this format is that each and every one of our employees understands these concepts as something that belongs to them, that all employees share this same set of values, and that each employee takes the initiative from each of their unique perspectives to implement responsible corporate action.
Each of us can talk about our corporate perspective, and we embody it.

contribute to society

The end goal of our corporate action is to do our best to contribute to society. We are always aware of the fact that our work, which supports the bringing up of sound and healthy children, carries great significance in society, and our commitment to our day-to-day corporate activity manifests this principle of social contribution.

by creating abundant value with great knowledge and sensitivity that

"Knowledge" here also means information, views, and wisdom, representing the entire body of human intellectual activity through the present time.
Meanwhile, "sensitivity" refers specifically to sensitivity to all phenomena and occurrences in the outer world, both physical and spiritual.
The two words "knowledge and sensitivity" are important elements forming the basis of human existence.
"Abundant value" means the value rich in knowledge and sensitivity that supports the bringing up of sound and healthy children. This concept represents not only the economic impact of our corporate action (products, services, etc.): it also manifests in a myriad of other formats and actions, including informing the public and contributing to society.
"Creating" here represents our wish-and our pledge-to be a unique company, and our awareness of the fact that, though our efforts, we create this new value and fulfill our responsibility to bring it to the world as something new.

supports bringing up sound and healthy children

For us at Froebel-Kan, children are the most important thing for us.
The focus of our corporate action is to lend our support to the process of bringing up sound and healthy children, using a variety of means. Our corporate activity encompasses not only fields involving direct interaction with children, but also to every type of environment that children experience, as well as the various people and personnel that have anything to do with children, including parents, childcare providers, educators, researchers, corporations, etc.


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