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Children's Books

Frobel-Kan embarked on selling books in general bookstores in 1961. We have also published picture story books and fairy tales which have received great acclaim from within Japan and overseas. They have also won many awards including the Red Bird Literary Award; the Sankei Children's Publishing Award; the Shogakukan Children's Publishing Culture Award; Child Welfare Culture Prize and Special Recommendation by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Social Security Council; the Bookbinding Contest Exhibition Grand Prize, the Bologna Children's Book Fair Graphic Award, and the Asia-Pacific Publishing Association (APPA) Publication Award.
In particular, the Anpanman series went on sale in 1976, was made into an animated television program in 1988, and was made into a movie in 1989. This series is still extremely popular. As of March 2018, over 80 million books have been sold, and are continuing to sell today. In 1987, we published a Japanese translation of the Where's Wally? series, which was a huge hit all over the world. As of January 2018, over 11.3 million books in this series have been sold.


Kinderbook,Japan's first monthly picture book series contains information that gives children the power to live and to develop their future, and an abundance of spirit.

Childcare Books

For over half a century, Froebel-Kan has been publishing specialty books (childcare magazines and books). This is to fulfill our wish of developing childhood education and contributing to childcare activities in kindergartens, nursery schools, and other educational facilities for children.

Childcare Navi

Childcare Navi is a monthly childcare magazine intended for chairmen, principals, vice-principals, and everyone involved in managing childcare facilities. Now in its 11th year of publication, the magazine enjoys a growing readership.
Childcare Navi offers information on various topics on a monthly basis, in a clear, concise format, including themes of interest such as institutional commentary, human resource development, crisis management, relations with parents/guardians, and children with particular issues, etc., plus national trends and useful information for kindergarten and nursery school management. A defining characteristic of Childcare Navi is that it provides information on both kindergarten and nursery school environments.

Nursery School and Kindergarten Items

Froebel-kan delivers extremely safe products to kindergartens and nursery schools, in accordance with the developmental level of the children and development objectives. Products include the desks and chairs the children use on a day-to-day basis, as well as children's clothing, building blocks, educational materials and teaching tools, daily-use toys, playground equipment, and other school items.

Playground equipment

Giving children the time to play as toddlers is critical to their growth, and we attach great importance to it.
We provide playtime products ranging from playground equipment used on school grounds to items used for indoor make-believe plays, all designed to foster children's creativity and initiative, and to bring out children's limitless possibilities. Our products are also designed for group play.


"Gifts" were created for children by Friedrich Wilhelm A. Froebel in 1838, and refer to 20 types of educational toys and materials. Since its establishment, Froebel-Kan has continued producing and selling these gifts (from "Gift 1" to "Gift 10"), which are considered the starting point for modern building blocks.

Childcare Environments and School Building Plans Create

The facility that children encounter when they leave their homes for the first time is truly important; it should be an extension of the family home, and it should be a comfortable environment suited to fun group activity.
To facilitate a safe and user-friendly environment for both children and childcare professionals, Froebel-kan also assists on classroom setup, toilet renovation, etc.


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