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The Cat In The Fish

Series(13 titles) Author and Illustrator: Yuichi Watanabe

The Cat In The Fish is a combination of a cat and a fish, but they are good friends and goes to everywhere together.You will be charmed by this unique character and funny stories.Each book has its special gimmick !



KOKEKKO is always busy because she is a mother of a lot of baby chicks. This series is guaranteed to delight not only for chilidren but aslo parents. It is amazing that all of the characters and objects are made of woods and clays by hand by the author.



Please turn us upside down ! Turn the rabbit's illsutartion upside down and the Koala appears.What will you see if you turn the house's one upside down ? This series shows us that the things look different by changing your way of looking at things.

A White Mouse And A Black Mouse

Series(4 titles) Written and Illustrated by Sachiko Nishina

A white mouse and a black mouse are good friends living together in the woods.Their life in the nature is described with pastel-coloured illustrations.

The Four Brothers of The Okashiki Family

Series(4 titles) Writtenby Rien Ono and Illustrated by Koshiro Hata

The four boather of the Okashiki family usually get along with but sometimes make quarrel with and make their mother angry. They will attract you with their personality!


Series(7 titles) Written and Illustrated by Hoko Takadono

Ms.Sting is a kindergarten teacher but has a very unique charater.Wherever she goes, funny things happen. She will make you laugh !

Abundance of nature

Series (3 titles) Written by Mayuko Chise and Illusutrated by Noriko Takano

This series depicts the abundunce of the nature with strikingly detailed illustrations.You will learn about the ecology of animals and the plants with the story.In the end of each book, there is the explanation about them which feature in each title.

Kunihiko Aoyama


Jun Takabatake


Nao Takabatake


Ryoji Arai

Illustrator: Awarded the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2005 !


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